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I’ve been doing a TON of traveling this summer. More than ever before and it’s been awesome. The first trip of the summer was to Kentucky but after that I went to North Carolina (one of my very favorite places) for a week. My mom’s side has been going to the Outer Banks since I can remember. This was probably our tenth or fifteenth trip. It’s a fun time.

I had SO much fun capturing my cousin Kim and her family during this trip. Kim and Kevin are parents to Addison who is just the cutest. Atthe beginning of the week she was a little cautious of the pool and not really a water baby, but now she’s almost a pro-surfer. My family is really talented 😉

Addison recently turned one and is growing every second! North Carolina is home to some of my favorite trees and dreamy light. A match made in heaven for this stunning session.

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